Alhamdulillah. We managed to organise opening day for Tadika Khalifah Utama on 12th November 2011. The event was pretty much ad-hoc due to certain circumstances, however with Allah's grace, everything went smoothly and we received positive feedbacks from parents. Insha Allah, will be organizing more events with the Little Caliphs reps so as to expose the Little Caliphs brand so as to reach more people.

talibul 'ilmi faridatun kulli muslim-seeking knowledge is obligatory for all Muslims.

Here in Little Caliphs, we will try hard insha allah, to provide education and instill good manners to the children. For sure, there are lots to be learned from the kids too! We seek upon His hidayah to make the best way for Little Caliphs Dungun. Rabbuna yusahhil! Enjoice all the pictures taken during the day :)

Chairman of Tadika Khalifah Utama, En. Bakri with Co-founder of Little Caliphs program, Hj. Roslan Nordin


  1. semoga terus maju.....insyaAllah. kalau ada rezeki nanti buka la cawangan di kerteh pulak :)

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