Alhamdulillah..we had a trip down to town by a school van! How amazing and exciting the trip was..!

The library it is, in conjuction of the Pesta Buku 2012..The kids really thought they are going to see Boboi Boy but in vain..However, they still enjoyed themselves..Guess it's good as a mean to imbue the reading habits in themselves.

You kidding, the Malaysians only read 2 pages a year???

So we are really in dire need to inculcate this passion towards reading since small.

Insha Allah, all students know the phonics a to za..and some can already read the basic sentences :D

Alhamdulillah, we teachers are so excited with their progress and insha Allah, the urge for Iqra' (read!) will be materialized in some time soon! Regardless, thank Allah for their achievement and also remember at all times that it is Allah whom teach andgive us all 'Ilm (knowledge) and unto Him we seek hidayah :)

till then..for more photos, click on this Library Trip!

:) we did it again! today, we had the non living and living things experiment with the children.

Expect the unexpected from the kids! first, we showed the rabbit doll and the puppet..after having sang the living things few times, the children are allowed to go play at the yard with the rabbits.

Alhamdulillah, now we know what are the things that living things can do and appreciate as non living can never do any of those!

For more photos, visit our Facebook or click on this link!living thins experiment

Alhamdulillah..managed to get the first experiment done..and well, the 5 years' were overwhelmed with it too, so they kinda joined in the experiment.

Food tasting (hehe..)..first, we showed them the mimic of bitter, sour, sweet and salty by using flash cards. Apparently, they came up with a conclusion that their faces was the same as in the flash cards. Well, just by lookin at the flash cards is not enough..they gotta try!

Well done, now they all know the taste and learn new vocabulary :)

Alhamdulillah. On 17th February 2012, we managed to have a reading technique session with the mommies and the students of 4 and 5 years. The session started off with some welcoming words, brief introduction of the principal and Little Caliphs programme, some snapshot on Seminar Ibu Bapa Soleh, Anak Cemerlang organized by Little Caliphs network at Melaka (in which we hope could be materialised in Dungun some time in the near future).

Mommies also get the chance to meet up with Ketua Wanita Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA), Ustazah Nuraini Abdul Rahman whom delivered Fritaz (Friday tazkirah) on "Role of mothers". It is acknowledged that no matter what position takes up by women, being a mother is the utmost position ; to nurture, take care of , guarded the whole family together with the dear husband.

The climax is the sharing of Little Caliphs Reading Technique by Teacher Nadia, the principal herself. With the help by the the brilliant students, mommies get to see the jolly phonics, the usage of flash cards as well as other ABM involved in teaching reading to young readers.

All in all, the event was successful in meeting its objectives; getting to know the mothers also to share the reading skills.

We look forward for Parents' Meet which is scheduled to be held in March. Till then, take care everyone! Enjoy the photos taken during the session :)

Alhamdulillah. We managed to organise opening day for Tadika Khalifah Utama on 12th November 2011. The event was pretty much ad-hoc due to certain circumstances, however with Allah's grace, everything went smoothly and we received positive feedbacks from parents. Insha Allah, will be organizing more events with the Little Caliphs reps so as to expose the Little Caliphs brand so as to reach more people.

talibul 'ilmi faridatun kulli muslim-seeking knowledge is obligatory for all Muslims.

Here in Little Caliphs, we will try hard insha allah, to provide education and instill good manners to the children. For sure, there are lots to be learned from the kids too! We seek upon His hidayah to make the best way for Little Caliphs Dungun. Rabbuna yusahhil! Enjoice all the pictures taken during the day :)

Chairman of Tadika Khalifah Utama, En. Bakri with Co-founder of Little Caliphs program, Hj. Roslan Nordin